1. "Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading."

    Lena Dunham (via a-thousand-words-reads)

    Oh Lena, always so full of the wisdom.

    (via yeahwriters)

    (via yeahwriters)

  2. It’s quiet here. (at Preservation Coffee and Tea)

  3. The adventure mobile. Comes fraught with high school girls. I’m almost caught up on everyone’s business. #highschoollibrarian #overnightfieldtrip #chaperoneproblems

  4. Butch librarian dressed in unflattering school polo shirt takes selfie before putting on lipstick. Feels bad, but reminds herself that she will be chaperoning high school kids on a 3 day trip in just a few hours. She forgives herself. #ootd #librarianstyle #highschoollibrarian

  5. I call this casual hipster librarian on a minimum school day. #ootd #librarianstyle

  6. My outfit selfie skills leave something to be desired, as evidenced by my first outfit of the day post. When cropping I decided that shoes were more important than face. #librarianstyle #ootd

  7. When life gives you a lemon tree… or something.

  8. Because if I didn’t post a picture of the 5 you wouldn’t believe we were in LA all weekend. #hellaLA


  9. This is so cool. It’s hella cool, if you will. 

  10. Five years ago today this was me, in the back of my boyfriend’s car, being taken to an undisclosed location so he could ask me a really important question. I said yes. Then he gave me something sparkly. #tbt