3. "When a library is open, no matter its size or shape, democracy is open, too."
    — Bill Moyers in the foreword to this beautiful photographic love letter to libraries (via explore-blog)

  4. Booberwocky. Enough said.


  5. This is so fascinating: a strange, cryptic manuscript, drama between scholars. So interesting.


  6. That beer milkshake though.


  8. "… the audiobook listening experience can actually be richer for the way it forces one to listen to the book at a narrator’s pace."

    Audiobook narrator Simon Vance on listening to a book rather than reading. 

    Read/listen to the conversation between Vance and A Burnable Book author Bruce Holsinger—on their recent collaboration, and how Henry VIII’s voice was conceived for the book.

    (via harpercollins)

    My husband and I are constantly having this argument: Can you say you read a book if you listened to it? I say yes, he says no. He says you can say you “experienced” the book. I say that I can describe an audiobook just as well as one that I’ve read with my eye balls, if not better.


  9. Cool idea for a book a swap party! I might need to do this this summer.